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Mobile Device Technology

Why add another device to your ever-expanding trove of multimedia. Your company already keeps track of your social media, marketing and more online and via mobile. Security should be the same way. Instead of bringing in a specific device to manage your security and patrol, all you need to do is pull out your phone, open an app and you’re instantly connected to your field of supervisors and managers.

Our Patrol Pro app, compatible with any Android based smartphone and tablets, has a user-interface that is clean and easy to use for all of your incidents, reports and GPS tracking needs. You no longer need to waste time wondering if your workplace, event or building is being secured. Simply open the app to see your team in action, take care of record-keeping and manage your security in one place.

With the Patrol Pro app, all your information is consolidated; important information won’t get lost and is shareable between your colleagues. You can quickly share data and info with access to your team at all times. You can now secure your building and ensure peace of mind for good wherever you are.

GPS Tracking & Geo-fencing

You can literally watch your security in action. You no longer have to wonder if your officers are where they are supposed to be or if your place of business is being secured. Simply pull up your Patrol Pro app to see where your officers are at any given moment—you can even step back in time. Need to pull up a report and verify the whereabouts of an officer on a certain date and time? All the information you need for reporting, tracking and more is available on Patrol Pro.

You can track from wherever you are, whether that’s at your desk, out to lunch or getting ready for bed. It doesn’t just have to be your phone either. Use it on your tablet or our PC as well. View multiple officers at the same time on a property or on various routes.

Save time and money by focusing on growing your business instead of worrying about your officers. You don’t need to watch your security to know where they are; simply set a, “boundary” around your property. Once an officer enters or leaves a property based on your set boundary, you’ll receive a notification!

It’s time you are able to customize your security needs and know that they are being met, all with the touch of a single button. Patrol Pro has your doubts covered.

Real Time Incident Reporting

How long does it take to write a report? How often are reports inaccurately written or incomplete? Moments can become a blur after time has passed which is why real time reporting is a necessity. With Patrol Pro, you can now get immediate and detailed reports from officers as soon as an event occurs. The information you receive from officers is no longer second-hand—get pictures and GPS location maps of what happened and where it happened—Patrol Pro helps pull together a report with undeniable proof.

An archive of these incidents makes it easy for you to sort and search for all incidents easily by filtering through some options, which include type, date and company. It’s as easy as that.

Make lost incident information a thing of the past with an app like Patrol Pro. GPS tracking provides the information you need to complete a report with concrete evidence of an officer’s whereabouts. Real time incident reporting from Patrol Pro makes it easy for you manage security and your officers and your reputation. For more information on Patrol Pro and how it can be leveraged for reporting, contact us today.

NFC Checkpoint Tour System

It takes time, money and patience to manage security. It can even take multiple systems and devices to get work done. Patrol Pro simplifies your business through one device—you no longer need a device to record note, one for incidents and another for scanning in NFC tracking tokens. An all-purpose system like Patrol Pro takes all of your current devices and processes and streamlines them into one application.

Reports are generated throughout the shift and tour tracking is done in real time. With Patrol Pro, there is no need to go back in time and sift through hours of information to compile a report—it’s like having an administrative and reporting assistant in an app.

Accessibility has never been easier than with Patrol Pro. Tracking reports are digitally uploaded from the device and emailed at the frequency you set—daily, weekly, etc. Lost a signal? Patrol Pro stores information so nothing in lost in areas that does not allow data coverage.

Consider Patrol Pro your checkpoint and reporting assistant and make it a part of your security team today.

Customizable Routes & Post Instructions

Instead of shuffling through files and taking days to compile reports for your client, use Patrol Pro to provide them with detailed information including notes, forms, incident reports and GPS tracking. You can designate routes for a single officer, a patrol service or for a supervisor to perform responsibility checks and alarm responses and relay this information to your client with ease.

Routes change? Need to send new post instructions? Your team is just a button away; give officers up-to-date post instructions, gate and alarm codes, emergency contact information and other important site information through the Patrol Pro App.

The accessibility and level of detail afforded to you through Patrol Pro means officers are always where they should be and are instructed with the information they need at all times. Let your clients know they are taken care of with trustworthy officers and the reports to back it up with Patrol Pro.

Automated Daily Activity Reporting

Micro managing day-to-day functions and organizing daily reports for clients can be time better spent elsewhere, like growing your business. Patrol Pro can take care of daily reporting, not just by compiling reports but also by providing them to your clients at the specific times you wish.

You can customize Patrol Pro to send clients activity reports, maintenance reports, parking violations, forms and more. The power of daily reporting is in your hands—literally. All you have to do is set the parameters and you’re done. You no longer have to spend time and patience drafting emails, faxes and scans to your clients. Clients can simply view past reports and forms from the web portal with your permission—your information is secure and protected.

Maintain your reputation with detailed information the client is happy to see, all with your new business partner, Patrol Pro.