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General Questions

Patrol Pro offers a multitude of solutions to companies. Patrol Pro ensures that your officers are providing the quality of service to your clients that you require to build a strong client base. Know where your officers are at all times, every day, all day.

Your company needs to invest in technology that will not only help you grow your business but help to lower and eliminate hard and soft costs, as well as, lapses in communication between officers and management and the client.

Remain competitive! If your company is not effectively keeping up with your competition then your clients will eventually find someone who is. More companies are now requiring digital reporting, tracking and guard touring. If you can not provide these things then you are going to lose contracts or even jeopardize the ones you have already in place. Patrol Pro gives you the ability to showcase the exemplary work that your company does vs. your competitor.

Time is money. Patrol Pro reduces the cost of your office staff by automatically handling everyday processes. Generating automated daily activity reports and incident reports eliminates having to spend not only time but money on translating messy hand written reports or taking pictures and either uploading them to an email or copying them to a form that is scanned and emailed or faxed to the client. For smaller companies, Patrol Pro can lower your office time and stress level so you can focus on what is truly important. Growing your business.

Yes. Patrol Pro eliminates the headaches of having officers carry more equipment than necessary. By using NFC chips checkpoints are scanned with the same device that notes, incidents and photos are taken on. Now your officers don't have to carry a wand, a camera or a clipboard. NFC technology also helps prevent officers from “cheating” on their rounds. Barcodes and QR codes can be used improperly and can be difficult in inclement weather situations. Plus, Patrol Pro eliminates the need to download any information manually, all checkpoints are scanned and reported in real time and can be viewed throughout a shift or every morning by an automated report.

Patrol Pro can be setup and in use within 24 hours of your Trial Request date. Our team will have your web capabilities and access to the Patrol Pro system setup and training can begin immediately. Our easy to use system allows your officers and administrators to integrate the daily practices almost immediately. Web-based training, online help and our how to manuals, make learning the Patrol Pro system a breeze.

Startup Questions

Patrol Pro is a great product for companies that are unsure if they have the finances to move to a digital system. With Patrol Pro you will reap the benefits of a digital system without having to spend a lot of money. We even let you try it out FOR FREE!